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Gale Versus Google CRAAP Test Challenge

Task One:  Review the significant differences between these research tools:   Google Versus Gale

Task Two:  Utilize other search engines. 
                    Why?  View reasons at

Task Three: Utilize other databases.
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Task Three:  Use the CRAAP Test to evaluate the information you find before using it in your research paper.

CRAAP Test Song

CRAAP Test In Action

Task 4 Take the Gale versus Google Challenge 
See the Gale handout for passwords from home. Go to

Compare the following websites using the criteria on the CRAAP test worksheet to evaluate each source:

              Google Sites                            Gale 
1. Dihydrogen Monoxide Research           Use Science in Context     
2.  Pregnancy                                              Use Science in Context

3.  History of the Airplane               Use World History Collection

4.  Digital Photography                    Use Computer Database

5.  Velcro Fasteners                          Use Gale Power Search

6.  Doggie Daycare                            Use Gale Power Search

7.  Holocaust                            Use World History Collection

8.  Martin Luther King             Use Power Search

9.  Sex Selection                               Use Science in Context

10.  Ova or Egg                         Use Science in Context

11.  Anti-anxiety medication        Use Science in Context

12.  Rennets                                    Use Science in Context

13.  Cosmetic Surgery                     Use Science in Context

14.  Genetic Modifcation            Use Science in Context

15.  Alternative Energy                Use Science in Context

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