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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Cardboard Arcade Fair Raised $104 for Syrian Refugees! Twenty-five cents per play!

Fun Pass and Ticket Sales
Candy Prizes were donated Halloween Candy

Students evaluated the Makers on Ease of Play and
 Game Appearance

Alison of Maker Junior our creativity facilitator!
Couple Cup Toss
Pong Dropper
5 Holes
Bottle Flippy
Bottle Flippy and  Bin Pong
 Madame Cayer's Class of Players

 Gr. 7/8 Gamers
Imagine Boxx
Technical Cross Bow
Table Bounce
Imposo Shot
Skill Shot
Triple Ball Dare

Other Games not photographed were:  
Rainbow Toss, Maze Ballz, Hotline Ring Toss

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