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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What Apps are students using for Education?




Google Docs

Verse Fest Poet Visit to the LC! Arleen Pare 2014 Governor General's Award for Poety

On Thursday, March 26th, 100 students from Gr. 11 and 12 English classes and the Gr. 12 Writer's Craft class visited the LC to hear guest poet Arleen Pare speak about writing and poetry.  She shared her inspirational story of taking up poetry at age 50 and winning the GG prize a decade later!  
There is always time to pursue your dreams, so dream big!

LC Dance Party to Beat the Blahs!

Students of St. Joseph took a five minute break from class at 1:30pm to have an impromptu dance party and beat the February Blues!

Gr. 7 & 8 Read-a-thon held February 19th

Over 75 students spent the day in the LC reading for pleasure!  They raised $1300 for new print resources for the library.  Students played old school board games and watched a documentary on the sinking of the Empress of Ireland.  Award-winning author, Caroline Pignat was our guest author and she spoke about writing process for creating her novel Unspeakable, written to commemorate the anniversary of the greatest marine tragedy of Canadian history.

Overdrive Training in the LC

Red Maple Reading Club Field Trip to the History Museum

On March 12, 2015,  Govener General Award winning author, Caroline Pignat led students from Immaculata , St. Paul, St. Mark, St. Joseph, Notre Dame and Mother Teresa HS through the Empress of Ireland exhibit at the History Museum.  Students completed a scavenger hunt and were entered into a draw to win a poster, commerative booklet or an authographed copy of Unspeakable written by Pignat to mark the 100 anniversary of the sinking of the passenger ship.

5th Annual Robotics Challenge Sun March 1st

St. Joseph sent two teams to participate in the 5th Annual Robotics and Engineering Challenge at Mutchmor PS on Sunday March 1st.  Team Jagwirz placed second for Robot Design!

Learning Commons Powered Up Lego Club

Club Supervisors Ms. Murray and Ian Dudley the "Lego Guy"

The Prostriker EV3 bot by team Jagwirz!

The Walle 3000 EV3 bot by team Swaguars!

The Swaguars programming their bot.

Tricia and Christian working on their robot!

The Jagwirz testing their program.

Heros and Idols Workshop for all gr. 8 English Classes

Check out the SJHLearningCommons Youtube channel @ Heros and Idols Booktrailers Playlist from Youtube

Christmas Carols in the Commons!

To celebrate the Christmas season and to showcase the talented staff and students @ St. Joe's, the Learning Commons hosted an afternoon of Christmas Carolling and Music on Dec. 12, 2014.

There were performances by Mme. Cayer's gr. 8 Immersion students, who sang carols in French and English.  Students also performed a duet of the Little Drummer Boy on flute.  Ms. Phillipe and her friend played a flute and harp duet that was divinely beautiful!  Ms. Murray, Ms. Oaks and students Wendel and Ramel collaborated to play a few songs on ukelele and guitar.

Introducing the Student and Staff Portal! Staff can reset student passwords and Students can change their own passwords!

The Learning Commons trained all gr. 7-10 students during the month of Nov-Feb on how to locate the student portal and use the password change tool to protect their Google account.

Step 1:  Go to

Step 2:  Select the Student Portal from the top tabs.

Step 3:  Change your Network Password from Welcome2FL to a new 7 character password with a number and a captiol.  The password authentication tool will ask you for your S##### and Default Password before letting you have access to the change tool.

Girl Rising Gender Matters Documentary from Hot Docs! Oct. 27-31st

During the week of Oct. 27-31s, the Learning Commons hosted a mini Hot Docs film festival.  All Gr. 7/8 English and Religion classes viewed the documentary about the right for girls around the world to have access to education.

Official Trailer





Genius Jags are using Go Animate!

Check out the blog @

Ms. Kelly's gifted students have created a blog to communicate their learning with each other.
Part of the initiative is to learn how to use the animated cartoon app Go Animate!

Students are planning to create videos for to help orientate the Gr. 6 Feeder Schools to St. Joseph in September.

Topics include, how to use a lock, tour of the school, introducing the teachers etc.

Google Apps for Education in the LC

 Nathan, Ryan and Spencer explain Vlogging to Gr. 7/8 Teachers over junior lunch in the Quiet Lab.

On October 3rd, four groups of students from 8, 9 and 12 visited the Derry Byrne Centre to teach junior students in gr. 3-6 about Google Apps for Education.  St. Joseph students offered these workshops:  "Learning to Drive", "Insightful Sites", "Vlogging 101" and "Google Tools for Communication".  Upon returning to St. Joe's,  the teens then taught teachers technology!!!

Author Ted Staunton Visits the LC to promote the Seven Series Oct 23

Check out his books from the LC!

Sequels to the Seven Series are now available in print AND as ebooks on Overdrive!

Seven Series Author Visits!

 Seven Series Author Sigmond Brouwer completely engaged 400 students in the caf/gym with the Rockin' Roll Literacy Road Show on October 23rd

Ms. Murray received a "Story Diva" T-shirt gift from the author.