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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Instagrok Learning Tool @

Check out this excellent research tool but use with CAUTION! @

It allows students to enter searches for key concepts. The results are displayed in the form of an interactive web graph.  The right side bar displays key terms with links to websites, a list of websites, videos and images related to the concept queried.  It also creates a multiple choice quiz and glossary of terms using the search results.

CAUTION:  Some of the results are in congruent and therefore lead to some red-herrings in the resources list and quiz!  This could be used as a meta cognition teaching opportunity in that students could explain which results are excellent and which results are erroneous!  

In a perfect world, the user would be able to manipulate the results list and customize the graphs but's a FREE resource which means it is not free of FRUSTRATION!


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