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Friday, April 13, 2012

Careers Human Library

On March 7th, the Learning Commons and Guidance department organized a Careers Human Library event for all 190 Gr. 10 Careers students to attend.  Students were polled early in the year to select careers that were meaningful to them.  Then we asked family, friends and members of our school community to volunteer their time to speak to students.

A Special Thank You to our 'living' books!

30 'living books' attend the event to speak with small groups 5-7 students at a time.  Students were able to meet with four career experts during the event.

The following careers were represented:
Interior Designer
Substance Abuse Counsellor
Registered Nurse
Computer Security Consultant
Child Educator
Culinary Arts
Personal Trainer
Tax Lawyer
Family Lawyer
Massage Therapist
Research Scientist
Police Detective
Military Communications Officer
Real Estate Agent
Veterinarian Technician
Electrician Station Maintenance
Funeral Director
Hair Stylist/Salon Owner

Here are a collection of student responses:

-"It was a journey."

-"I had no idea of what job I wanted to do because I really had no information about each occupation. I felt that the human library really helped me understand and decide for me which jobs are for me and not for me. I loved it."

-"The workers had alot of enthusiasum."

-"I learned about careers I normally wouldn't have considered for myself."

-"The most meaningful was learning about why people loved their careers so much that made them want to live their lives doing that certain career everyday."

-"I learned alot actually.  I asked every question and have the gist of what I want to become."

-"I learned that those jobs were not for me."

-"Talking to adults who were passionate about their careers was the most meaningful part."

-"It was great to have all the gr. 10's to be together in the gym."

-"I learned that you have to work hard for what you want."

-"I learned that life is awful and that I never want to start working."

-"The most meaningful thing was the honesty the people showed."

-"To be happy in your career is the most important part."

-"Seeing how many jobs there are and how each job reflects the rest of the world."

-"Do what you really want to do.  No regrets, just go with it and work hard!"

-"The most meaningful part of the day was that these people took time out of their busy days to talk to us."

-"Even if you are well-trained, it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get hired right away and you have to keep trying and training."

-"I got to ask lots of questions about careers that I had doubts about."

-"Not only was my career, hilarious, he taught me to reach for my dreams and to start as soon as I can."

-"I learnt how and what kind of stress comes with a certain employment and which high school courses would be mandatory for this career."

-"The human library can help you find your dream career."

-"It was really fun and I learned alot about my career pathway."

-"I will strongly value speaking to others who will help me reach my goals."

-"I learned to take advantage of my education because without it I won't be successful."

-"It was great that we were able to hear about how the books got to where they ar.  It opened my eyes that in order for me to get where I want to be, I must work harder."

-"I learned about how to handle stress in a healthy way."

-"Having people come in an explain what they do in their jobs gives a better insight than reading about it in a book."

-"These people helped me think more about my future."

-"Meeting all of those amazing people was the most meaningful part of the experience."

-"I learned that you need to start early for jobs.  You can't wait till the last minute because alot of jobs take alot of preparation."

-"Getting an intimate discussion with the person about their career and life was most meaningful."

-"I learned that education is important but people skills are important too."

-"That you need determination and dedication for a career."

-"Even though it was a short time, the one on one conversations were the most meaningful."

-"I learned about things I wouldn't be able to find out through research."

-"I learned that it is best to make connections with people now, so that it is easier to get into the job industry you want."

-"I learned that to become any career, it takes alot of effort."

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