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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Canspell St. Joseph Verbal Bee Results!

Above, all 25 Contestants in the 2012 Verbal Bee.
Below, The top speller, Lena Morin of 7-02!
View the last crucial moments of the Verbal Bee with contestants, Jeffrey Canisius and Namcao Nguyen duking it out for second place!
Special Thanks to Gr. 11 student, Keelia Lafreniere for her perfect pronounciation as our pronouncer!  Thank You to Mr. Kelly and Ms. Gillier-Symes for judging and Donna Hughes, our chaplain for the last minute prayer!

Christmas In the Commons

Check out our Facebook page to see the videos and photos of our week long Christmas celebrations:

The MarioKart Wii Competition
Glee Singalong Wii Competition
Rianna's S.O.S. Let's Dance Wii Competition
and the Button Making and Christmas Cookie Decorating craft!

Stay tuned for monthly Gaming Competitions to be held on the last Friday of every month @ your Learning Commons!