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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grade 8 Read-a-thon!

Thank You to the 81 students in Gr. 8 who participated in the Read-a-thon on November 19th.  Together you raised $1663.00 for new library resources!  Please drop by the library to make your wish list of books known to staff!  Our Special Guest was author Denise Chong who walked us through the experience of writing and publishing her book, Egg on Mao.  Check it out @ your library!

Gr. 7 Read-a-thon

Congratulations to all 32 participants!  The library raised $ 683.27 for new library resources!  Katherine Grier was our guest story teller and she kept everyone enthralled with tales of the underworld, the supernatural and just plain creepy!  See if you can re-tell any of the tales she told us that day! Special Thanks to student, Mark Penner who introduced and thanked our guest speaker with panache!  Thank You to our school community of parents, teachers, students etc. who support this annual literacy initiative and fundraiser!

Friday, November 5, 2010

High School Read-a-thon A Huge Success!!!

Today 106 High School students celebrated reading and literacy in the library for the whole day!  This is a record breaking number of high school read-a-thon participants.  These students raised $2220.00 for new library resources.  Drummer, Derek DeBeer was our special guest entertainer from MASC.  See the photographs on the sidebar of students drumming with Derek.

Thank You to all the students, parents and staff who supported this fundraiser and literacy initiative!