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Friday, May 14, 2010

Education Week Library Bookfest

Thank you to all students, staff and parents who supported this library fundraiser by donating and purchasing used books.

We raised approximately $350.00 for library resources. We also recycled approximately 500 pre-loved books.

We accept donations for the Bookfest year round!

Special Thanks to Keelia Lafreniere for running the Bookfest at the Open House!

The 21st Century Classroom and Library Commons

Hello again to all students, staff and parents!

Ms. Murray is back from maternity leave! Thank You for the warm welcome!

My mission is to re-vitalize the Library Blog and make it more useful and interactive for students and staff!

My vision is to create a place for students to:

* blog about the books they are reading
* create wiki assignments
* post photostory interpretations of their learning
* post podcasts of their oral readings, debates or essays

Essentially, to bring technology into the 21st Century classroom.